Story of our association

1965's Class

The AUTOMATIC TECHNICS STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (A.E.T.A) brings together alumni of training for the Higher Technician Certificate in Industrial Control and Automatic Regulation (C.I.R.A.) and the additional year of Project Management in an Industrial Environment (C.P.E.I.)

This association, created in 1962, aims to ensure professional and friendly relations between students, teachers, active and retired professionals to share professional knowledge. The AETA constitutes a network to search for a job, an internship, a corporate information.

This profession in the INDUSTRY sector contributes to the match between mankind and his inventions ...


The association was coordinated and animated for many years by Mr. André TOUSSAINT - class of 70 - professor and author of a book on regulation. All members warmly thank him for his contribution which has strengthened the notoriety of our profession ...

As of April 14, 2017 and for 3 consecutive years, the board of directors composed of 7 members steers the actions of our association.

The BTS CIRA is a course which brings students to the mastery of control and regulation processes in an industrial environment.

Technical and scientific, the courses are based among other things on fluid physics, automation, instrumentation, process control, chemistry and electricity.

For more details on the sector, go here.


List of association's presidents

Jean Marchand 
(when created 1974)

André Marion
 class 1957

René Pralon
class 1954

Robert Redoutey
class 1967

Pascal Coulon
class 1972

Yves Poivey
class 1969

Christian Curtil
class 1967

Laurent Parat
class 1986

Christophe Rossigneux
class 1987